∾∘ Entry 3 ∘∾

The team had to make it through Wystrada forest, but it proved to be no easy task since they were bombarded by tricks and riddles. Solving one after another with care, they made it through the forest and into Wystrada. The party was so beat they headed straight to the Inn.

Before our team even had a chance to rest, a man named Gene showed up with a very valuable armor. As great as the golden armor was, it was in fact stolen, and Gene was placing the blame on the team! Before anyone could prove their innocence to the elven guards, they were all sent to the guild jail including Gene.

Upon being locked in cells, the party tried to find a clever way to sneak out. Some ideas worked and some didn’t, but eventually they all made it out only to be caught by guards again. This broke out in a fight and although victorious, they knew that more guards were waiting for them upstairs. The only way to pass without getting caught again was to dress Kaz and Senthos as elven guards and treat the rest of the team as prisoners.
As soon as they all escaped, they headed straight to Gene’s ‘crib’ where the team crashed for the night. Finally, some rest. But their peaceful slumber was soon interrupted by a loud booming noise followed by a small earthquake. Could it be another meteor? The team decided to check it out the next day.

It would be impossible for them to leave without disguising themselves, so in the morning, they checked out Gene’s closet. Luckily, he had some extra costumes for everyone to wear. They were strange, but it worked! And off they went

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