Built in a nice weathered area, this town brings in a lot of different culture and races. It is the perfect place to raise families because of the tolerable seasons and the well-mannered citizens. The town is also has a reputation for its crop farming.
Places Worth mentioning:
‣ Luna’s Variety Shop
‣ Lunaire Inn
‣ Vegetable Market
‣ Wonderchef Bakery
‣ Luna’s Café

Riggel Plains  
A wide and healthy plain that attracts many small animals.
Places Worth Mentioning:
‣ Fallen Meteor
‣ Alshet

Wystrada Forest  
A forest that surrounds the Elven town Wystrada. It is very easy to get lost in and swallows many travelers.
Places Worth Mentioning:

A small town surrounded by thin forest. Although residents are of Elven blood, they are interested in and welcome other races as visitors.
Places Worth Mentioning:
‣ Wystrada Inn
‣ Elven Armory
‣ The Magic Cauldron
‣ Wystrada Guild Hall
‣ Guild Jail
‣ Gene’s ‘Crib’

Wystrada Lake  
A lake just outside of Wystrada.
Places Worth Mentioning:

The Holy Kingdom of Tigreros is built in a beautiful area surrounded by ocean where many flowers bloom. It is home to Elves, but they do not welcome Verselves. Verselves that do appear are victim to racism. There is a restricted area where experiments Zaeons is taking place.
Places Worth Mentioning:
‣ Item Shop
‣ Armor Shop
‣ Weapon Shop
‣ Docks
‣ Inn
‣ Zaeon Laboratory
‣ Church
‣ Amalian Bakery

The town of beast people.
Places Worth Mentioning:

A thriving city built upon a huge cliff overlooking the ocean, Deldrim is the city with the most advancement in magic known throughout the world, the economy is thriving and anyone can find a job, albeit there is some classism involved. The town has the famous Magic Academy of Calhuin
Places Worth Mentioning:
‣ Oskar’s House of Blades (Weapon Shop)
‣ The Anvil and Thread (Armor Shop)
‣ The Last-Minute Supplies (Item Shop)
‣ The Drunken Dragon (Inn) 
‣ The Bread and Butter (Bakery)