∾∘Entry 9∘∾

They arrive back at the site of the Meteor where suddenly they are engulfed like before. The party wakes up near a mysterious mansion. Here, they encounter the mysterious knight from the White Mountains, Kaitos.

They party enter the mansion and decide to explore the basement first. Narrowly escaping a trap, they recover a book that held a mysterious ruby key. Moving upwards, they enter the mansion's ballroom and face off against the enigmatic Bellatrix. Upon defeating her, we learn she was only following orders. Bellatrix is the sister of the Witch that cursed the party previously. She promised to lift the curse and the party invites her to join them.

The meteor ejects the party, and Gene feels a new mysterious power, similar to the one that Kaz and Senthos have gained from their previous meteor encounters. They decide it isn't the best not to return to Aludra and instead look for the next lead.

Following the road in front of them, they soon happen upon a bustling town. Gene recognizes this town as Deldrim, one of the places where he has a hideout. Gene explains the workings of the city and how while there is no racism as seen in some of the other towns, the economic segregation is quite sharp. It is however and equal oppurtunity town and if anyone works hard enough, they can work up the ladder, or vice-versa. The party decides to split up and further their investigation on the meteor.

Kaz and Senthos head north, towards the high class quarter of the city, where they decide to visit the famous Magic Academy. Here, they discover a mysterious picture as well as some other strange books, even one called a manga. The mysterious picture depicted a field bombarded with meteors, surrounded by a cryptic text.

Maia and Bellatrix wander around town just casually where they discover a bakery. An eventful encounter sends them on their way to fetch some ingredients for a cake. On this small fetch quest Maia meets a very kind farmer named Ginji. We expect not to see the last of him.

Gene wandered to the south where he decided to help out a family in trouble, challenging the town guard. Nala headed towards the center of town to try to get an audience with the king. Here she discovers that Tigeros and Deldrim are at war. With even more urgency, she urges Gene to help her enter the castle. Gene forges a fake official note that grants Nala entrance.

Kaz, Senthos, and Gene rendezvous to exchange the information they gathered about the meteor and other mysterious happenings.

Nala standing inside the castle and awaits to speak to the king.

∾∘Entry 8∘∾

The party continued through the swamp. It looked hopeful when the fog started clearing up, but upon finding a clearing, they were attacked by a group of monsters.

After finishing them, the party stood in the middle of the field and looked around.

They discovered a house. Dark magic ruminated from the house. Upon investigation, the party encountered a witch. They assured her that they meant no harm, but the Witch put a curse on them and sent them away.

They awake near a meteor, and to their surprise, their bodies were switched. Kaz and Gene, Holt and Nala, Maia and Senthos.

They were stuck with each other's abilities and had to figure out a way back. Temporarily putting their investigation of the meteor aside, they look for a way to break the curse.

They shortly encounter a giant zombie. Even though the party was under a curse, they took advantage of each other's skills to defeat the zombie.

By defeating the zombie, the curse was temporarily broken. The part now returns to their investigation of the strange occurrences involving a meteor.

∾∘Entry 7∘∾

An uneventful trip on the sea ends at the port of Aludra, where upon arriving the party finds a somewhat desolate land. While Kaz has been here before, it was still unfamiliar and the party splits up to continue their investigation.

Gene continues his ways and steals some food from a vendor. He also gets some information about the strange occurences that have been happening in the town.

Kaz wanders to the outskirts where he discovers a girl in a foggy swamp. Kaz thought the girl was in danger, so he tries to help her, but it turns out the girl was simply asleep. The girl was a native half-beast named Lacie who agreed to join them in their investigation of the strange events.

Senthos finds a guard protecting the city gates. The guard also gives information about the weird occurences. Taking advantage of Gene's cunning, they get past the guard.

Exiting the town through the back gate, they find a foggy swamp similar the one Kaz came upon earlier. Amidst the fog, they happen upon a monster nest and also discover Mana Occurences. It was a tough battle, but once the team mastered Mana Occurences, they finished the battle with just a few injuries.

The team now stands in a foggy swamp.

∾∘Entry 6∘∾

After a much needed rest, the party continues their investigation around town. After a lot of questioning and gathering their information, the team determines they must head to Aludra.

Kaz mentions that he may have passed this town in his studies and Nala remembers that the town is overseas. With that in mind, the party seeks the help of the strange old man on the dock. He happened to have a ship they could use. With just a little bit of repairwork, the party was out on the open sea, regardless of the strange old man's warning to "stay away from that water".

Partway to Aludra, the ship gets ambushed by sea creatures. Gathering their power, the team very quickly finish the battle with little injury. They continue on their way.

∾∘Entry 5∘∾

At the end of the lab, the party had to part ways with Nala. This however was the perfect opportunity to check out the meteor in the white mountains again. But not without a little wandering around town of course where Gene finds himself in trouble yet again. He had discovered a cursed sword that might be of more importance later.

The white mountains were normal at first, but as the group presses on, the caves get darker and darker and they are swallowed by the horror of Kaz's fears. Blood. Everwhere. And with that, a horrifying blood demon appears to wipe the floor with the group. It was a tough battle, but we made it through alive.

∾∘Entry 4∘∾

After the commotion settled in Wastrada, the party felt like they could take of their disguises and lay low while they shop around. Just as they’re about to leave, a man rushed towards the team in a huge panic. The Kaz managed to stop the man and asked him why he was in such a hurry. The main replied, “I’m being chased!” And before anything more could be said, three Harpies swoop down and attack the party. With only Senthos, Maia and Kaz in battle, it proved to be quite a difficult fight. However, a strange man appeared just when the situation was looking grim. He calls himself, Rhys, a mighty worrier with strength that matched his loyalty to help others in need. With this temporary new addition to the party, the battle when much smoothly. A little before the battle was over, Gene and Holt finally appear at the scene to help, but their attacks hardly connected. After the battle was won, the party thanked Rhys for assisting them, and he simply replied, “No problem, I’ve got your back!” And with a smile, Rhys politely took his leave. The party had no idea who he was, but most definitely an alley that they hope to see again.
Once everyone was settled from the fight, the man thanked the party and went on his way. The party then decided to spend the night in Wastrada once again to regain their strength for the upcoming journey. However, Gene eagerly sprinted over to the tavern, to have a “few” drinks. Maia went with him to make sure nothing disruptive were to happen, again. So Senthos, Kaz and Holt went over to the weapn shot to look for new goods and weaponry to buy. Eventually, those three went to go check up on Gene, to find him drunk to no end. The Kaz and Maia tried to cure him, but it had little effect. As a result to the evening, Gene somehow convinced Senthos to drink with him, the rest of the party shook their heads.
The next morning, the party decides to finally head out for what caused the loud earthquake from a few days earlier. Despite Senthos and Gene suffering from a little hangover, the proceeded with the rest of the party. Kaz mentioned that the earthquake came from the north, in the direction of Wastrada Lake. When the party arrives there, nothing suspicious of earthquake activity, or anything else could be easily noticeable. Gene wonders if the something could be at the bottom of the lake, but no one in the party had the endurance to swim all the way to the bottom of the lake. So as they were about to leave, a huge tsunami from the lake washes away the party to the depths of the lake.
Kaz was the first to regain consciousness, and he found himself ankle deep in water and surrounded by darkness. He calls out for the others and Holt is the first to reply. Making their way through the darkness, they eventually see the light that radiates from Maia and join up with her. Using Maia’s light to show the way, the party sees that they are in a cave, with water dripping from the stalactites from above. As they venture, the finally come across a panicky voice splashing about in the water. The party found out it was Gene, over reacting to the low water level. After helping him out from his worries, the party wondered where Senthos was. Suddenly, his voice could be heard from the next area, and there was a faint light radiating from. The party decides to investigate, and find to there surprise Senthos being held captive by a Water Dragon. The party fought with all their might to try to weaken the Dragon’s tail that was keeping Senthos captive. Eventually, Senthos gathered the strength to break free and helped the team to finish of the Water Dragon.
After the long lasting battle, the Water Dragon was defeated. Senthos thanked the party for saving him and they continued through the dark cave until they found an exit. Blinded by the sun for a few seconds, the party found themselves in unfamiliar plains. Gene pointed out that there where mountains, known as the White Mountains, to the west of them. Without any other leads, the party decides to head in that direction. As they’re making their way, they find a trail of blood that leads up to a severely injured man. Kaz and Maia heal him the best they could, to stop the bleeding. The man eventually gains consciousness and explains to the party that he was attacked by a similar phenomenon involving the comets and he said he was from an imperial city known as Tigeras. So, Gene volunteered to carry the man, and the party was off to Tigeras. They finally arrive to there to find out that this place has a prejudice against verselves. Gene quickly tricked the guards that Maia was a mime, and they believed it! And so the party walks into the imperial city.
The Holy Kingdom of Tigreros built in a beautiful area surrounded by an ocean where many flowers bloom and the homes to many Elves but do not welcome Verselves so the verselves that do appear racism tends to start and tension rises a bit which normally doesn’t end well .There is a restricted area which does experiments on creatures called Zaeons of monsters that are caught i the fields and ocean. After the team brings the injured man to medical aid, they decide to split up in search for information. Gene and Kaz go to search around the docs, Holt checks the tavern, and Senthos and Maia check the church. At the church, they run into a female knight named Nala, who doesn’t have that much knowledge of comets or earthquakes. Eventually, Gene and Kaz get some pretty new and useful information by a weapon shop dealer. He explains that he’s experienced earthquakes and people turning up missing. Mean while, Maia is caught up in miming because the townspeople think she’s an actual mime. She tries her best, but her efforts don’t impress the townspeople in the slightest, so Senthos takes Maia and retreats to the bakery. Later, the party meets up there and Holt is eating one donut after the other, stuffing his face in delight.
After a while of idle chitchat, Nala enters the bakery and everyone introduces themselves and eventually convinces Nala to let Maia stay in the town. Nala hesitantly agrees and escorts them to the inn. Just when everyone’s about to get to sleep, Gene somehow convinces Senthos into drinking with him, again. In the morning, the party decides to take a look around town when they discover that the town is mostly deserted. This was shocking because it was so lively the day before. The party wonders around town to see if anyone’s still around, and it turns out that the weapons shop owner is still there. He invites the party in and reveils to them that a dark mist swept through the city that night, and then everyone was gone in the morning. Then, a knocking is heard and Nala and two other knights walk in. Everyone is surprised to see that she is still around. So Nala requests everyone to meet the king at the castle, so they agree and pay the king a visit.
When the party goes to visit the King, it turns out that there were two of them, and they were no help at all. The party questioned the leaders of Tigres, because of their strange behavior, but moved on to investigate the White Mountains. Right after the party left Tigres, a strange worrier calling himself Kaitos, told them that the White Mountains were unusually dangerous recently. The party consults and decides to head back to Tigeras. Nala leads the party to one of the research labs back in Tigeras saying that there’s something of use for their journey. They enter the lab and it’s very dark with lights bearly give off enough light. They party progresses until they reach a well light room, containing a huge complex super computer. Nala turns it on and shows the party these strange occurrences. To everyone’s surprise, it shows all of their encounters with the meteors. From Senthos first meeting Maia to everyone getting swallowed by that Tsunami. Nala explains that the military has been recording these strange phenomena for about a month. Just as everyone is about to investigate further into the lab, 4 Zeaons appear and attacked the party. The jewels on the Zeons gave them more power than the party imagined, and the battle fought was no easy task. After a long exhausting battle, the party catches their breath and proceeds through the dark lab.

∾∘ Entry 3 ∘∾

The team had to make it through Wystrada forest, but it proved to be no easy task since they were bombarded by tricks and riddles. Solving one after another with care, they made it through the forest and into Wystrada. The party was so beat they headed straight to the Inn.

Before our team even had a chance to rest, a man named Gene showed up with a very valuable armor. As great as the golden armor was, it was in fact stolen, and Gene was placing the blame on the team! Before anyone could prove their innocence to the elven guards, they were all sent to the guild jail including Gene.

Upon being locked in cells, the party tried to find a clever way to sneak out. Some ideas worked and some didn’t, but eventually they all made it out only to be caught by guards again. This broke out in a fight and although victorious, they knew that more guards were waiting for them upstairs. The only way to pass without getting caught again was to dress Kaz and Senthos as elven guards and treat the rest of the team as prisoners.
As soon as they all escaped, they headed straight to Gene’s ‘crib’ where the team crashed for the night. Finally, some rest. But their peaceful slumber was soon interrupted by a loud booming noise followed by a small earthquake. Could it be another meteor? The team decided to check it out the next day.

It would be impossible for them to leave without disguising themselves, so in the morning, they checked out Gene’s closet. Luckily, he had some extra costumes for everyone to wear. They were strange, but it worked! And off they went