∾∘Entry 9∘∾

They arrive back at the site of the Meteor where suddenly they are engulfed like before. The party wakes up near a mysterious mansion. Here, they encounter the mysterious knight from the White Mountains, Kaitos.

They party enter the mansion and decide to explore the basement first. Narrowly escaping a trap, they recover a book that held a mysterious ruby key. Moving upwards, they enter the mansion's ballroom and face off against the enigmatic Bellatrix. Upon defeating her, we learn she was only following orders. Bellatrix is the sister of the Witch that cursed the party previously. She promised to lift the curse and the party invites her to join them.

The meteor ejects the party, and Gene feels a new mysterious power, similar to the one that Kaz and Senthos have gained from their previous meteor encounters. They decide it isn't the best not to return to Aludra and instead look for the next lead.

Following the road in front of them, they soon happen upon a bustling town. Gene recognizes this town as Deldrim, one of the places where he has a hideout. Gene explains the workings of the city and how while there is no racism as seen in some of the other towns, the economic segregation is quite sharp. It is however and equal oppurtunity town and if anyone works hard enough, they can work up the ladder, or vice-versa. The party decides to split up and further their investigation on the meteor.

Kaz and Senthos head north, towards the high class quarter of the city, where they decide to visit the famous Magic Academy. Here, they discover a mysterious picture as well as some other strange books, even one called a manga. The mysterious picture depicted a field bombarded with meteors, surrounded by a cryptic text.

Maia and Bellatrix wander around town just casually where they discover a bakery. An eventful encounter sends them on their way to fetch some ingredients for a cake. On this small fetch quest Maia meets a very kind farmer named Ginji. We expect not to see the last of him.

Gene wandered to the south where he decided to help out a family in trouble, challenging the town guard. Nala headed towards the center of town to try to get an audience with the king. Here she discovers that Tigeros and Deldrim are at war. With even more urgency, she urges Gene to help her enter the castle. Gene forges a fake official note that grants Nala entrance.

Kaz, Senthos, and Gene rendezvous to exchange the information they gathered about the meteor and other mysterious happenings.

Nala standing inside the castle and awaits to speak to the king.

∾∘Entry 8∘∾

The party continued through the swamp. It looked hopeful when the fog started clearing up, but upon finding a clearing, they were attacked by a group of monsters.

After finishing them, the party stood in the middle of the field and looked around.

They discovered a house. Dark magic ruminated from the house. Upon investigation, the party encountered a witch. They assured her that they meant no harm, but the Witch put a curse on them and sent them away.

They awake near a meteor, and to their surprise, their bodies were switched. Kaz and Gene, Holt and Nala, Maia and Senthos.

They were stuck with each other's abilities and had to figure out a way back. Temporarily putting their investigation of the meteor aside, they look for a way to break the curse.

They shortly encounter a giant zombie. Even though the party was under a curse, they took advantage of each other's skills to defeat the zombie.

By defeating the zombie, the curse was temporarily broken. The part now returns to their investigation of the strange occurrences involving a meteor.