∾∘ Entry 2 ∘∾

Senthos Kontos, a young elf decided to check out the meteor out of curiosity. There, he discovered a female Verself, Maia, who had lost a chunk of her memory. However, she does remember that the meteor was very dangerous, and she was right.

The two of them were spirited away into a dark realm that reflected the very essence of Senthos’ fears; the safety of his parents. It was a great struggle but with the help of an accidental ally, Holt the thief, they made it to the end. Of course this dark forest maze was rigged with an exceptionally powerful boss at the end who wiped out the party.

While knocked out, Senthos witnessed something no one else did. A strange light, the meteor shattering, and a mysterious power granted to him that he is unable to use. When the party woke up, they were being healed by another elf who went by Kaz Singer. They were in an area they’ve never seen before that was described by Kaz as the outskirts of a town called Wystrada. Our team is currently trying to make their way back to that town for rest.

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